September 9, 2021

Anna Awoliyi

Chief Allied Health Information Officer,
Kettering General Hospital

Following our recent CQC inspection (May 2021) we were provided with a quick timeline to implement the Fall Module in Careflow Vitals, increased risk of Falls, Anna is the CNIO for the EPR Vitals. Anna was pivotal to ensure the safe implementation of the module across the Trust in an effective and effective timely manner, this included working with the Falls leads, Nursing Teams, IT Team, and third-party suppliers, and Project Manager.

Anna has a positive aptitude, is compassionate, empathetic, and an excellent communicator brings a do attitude and thinks outside the board in ways she can engage with the Trust staff and third-party suppliers to ensure any digital system is safe and fit for purpose for the organisation

Anna has also worked with Virtual Visting across the Trust that has brought family members and patients together during covid and continually advocates for loved ones to have contact during their stay in the Hospital.

Anna is always kind and engaging with staff at all levels, and takes time out to listen and work with staff on the digital transformation journey

Anna has been instrumental in the Digital ambassador plan, the programme that has helped staff on a digital journey to help staff through the digital transformation, working to help nursing and AHP staff on the journey for their digital capability self-assessment. also inviting Christian Tack to the organisation to speak on an AHP Leadership and Digital Study Day.

Anna is always approachable and happy to work with all teams to ensure an excellent execution in projects, while also making it fun

Anna is a great example of a great leader that takes staff members at all levels with her on the digital journey.

Other material:
Careflow Vitals – E-Obs Rolled out to over 35 areas across the Trust with over 500 devices in Use
Falls Module now live in all the areas required across the organisation
Virtual Visiting – iPads rolled out to all areas and now achieved over 4000+ Virtual Visits.

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