September 8, 2021

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8th October AM
Sonia Patel, CIO, NHSX
Mike Cavaye, Deputy CIO (Transformation & Solutions), Surrey and Borders NHS FT

Workshop One: Building the digital workforce of the future
The challenge of achieving a health and care workforce with the skills required to make maximum use of digital tools and data have long been identified. There have been notable successes, such as the NHS Digital Academy, but a step-change is still required to ensure that the entire workforce becomes equipped with the range of skills, many of them new, required to provide digital-first services. This workshop will explore what is required to accelerate and sustain the development of a highly digitally skilled NHS workforce.

8th October AM
Dave Turner, CTO, NHSX
Ruth Bradbury, Senior NHS Navigator, Digitalhealth.London

Workshop Two: Horizon-scanning; surfing the tsunami
NHS digital leaders, and in particular CIOs and CTOs, must make sense of bewildering and fast-changing technology and policy landscapes. They have to often sustain many legacy core systems while identifying what are the future technologies and approaches they should base future strategies on. In a technology sector that is notoriously fond of hype how can digital leaders plans for the future and surf these tsunamis of change.

8th October AM
Kelsey Flott, Deputy Director of Patient Safety, NHSX
Dr Manpreet Pujara, Clinical Director for Patient Safety, NHS Digital
Holly Carr, Florence Nightingale Digital Leadership Fellow, NHSX

Workshop Three: Clinical Safety Strategy
Workshop structure KF introduces the strategy and national commitments (5mins) MP discusses the training commitment within the strategy (5 mins) HC explains what the strategy means in real life/ from a nursing perspective (5 mins) Breakout into group discussions on the following questions (20mins): What is the culture of Digital Clinical Safety in your organisation? Think about the role of CSOs and where they sit with other patient safety professionals including Patient Safety Specialists. What steps would you like to see your organisation take towards enhanced Digital Clinical Safety and what support do you need from national teams to do that?

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