September 6, 2021

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7th October PM
Location: Floor 16, Sky Gallery

Jon Hoeksma,CEO, Digital Health

Neil Bennett, CISO, NHS Digital
Cyber security in the NHS following the pandemic
The past 18 months has seen a dramatic shift in digital adoption of technologies, creating new vulnerabilities in systems and data. The NHS, life sciences industry and wider health supply chain have all come under concerted attacks by hostile actors from cyber criminals to nation state actors. Neil Bennet, NHS Digital’s chief information security officer, will set out how the pandemic has shifted cyber security to the top of the agenda and what boards and digital leaders now need to do.

Mat Chase, CTO, Fujitsy / AWS
Beyond Recover & Rebuild
The NHS faces huge challenges on recovery, managing the ongoing pandemic, integrating health and social care all while delivering high quality patient services. Matt Chase, CTO healthcare UK Fujitsu, will outline how modern cloud-based infrastructure can provide the flexibility, resilience, security and scale required to build new models of health and care.

Panel Q&A

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