November 30, 2018

Stand D25

Patients Know Best (PKB) are the pioneers of the world’s first patient-controlled digital health record, able to connect to all sources of healthcare data from primary, secondary, specialist, mental health and social care, as well as the patients own apps and devices.

PKB provides patients with one consolidated record that they can share with whoever they trust, wherever they go, empowering them to self-manage their care whilst creating efficiencies for the wider NHS.

The record is a rich source of data with information about appointments, care plans, test results, measurements and symptoms, and also allows remote communication between patients and healthcare teams.

Used in over 40 NHS organisations and 150 teams, PKB hosts the records of more than 1.5 million patients across every county in the UK, from the Shetland to the Scilly Isles. PKB is also available in 7 countries, in 19 languages and is represented on every continent.


Twitter: @patientsco
LinkedIn: Patients Know Best