January 16, 2019

Stand B16

Infocare Healthcare offers intuitive and unique software solutions to the healthcare industry. SoteriaTM is a clinical workflow solution that sits as a smart presentation layer over existing systems, allowing the Clinician to see all relevant data in one place. Soteria allows you to easily access, evaluate, research, order & document patient history, treatment data and meds. Advanced voice recognition software makes documentation fast & easy and our Clinical Language Processing provides decision support and accurate coding. SoteriaTM promotes positive clinical outcomes by presenting accurate information to a patient’s care team, where and when they need it.

For more information please visit our website at www.infocarehealth.com

Darren Ransley
Tel: 02031 705 717
Email: darren.ransley@infocarehealth.com

Brian Murray
Tel: 02031 705 717
Email: brian.murray@infocarehealth.com

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