February 4, 2019

Stand B11

AIMES is an industry leading data centre service provider based in the North West of England. Established in 2005, AIMES set out to revolutionise the data centre industry, providing services such as co-location, hosting, data backup, managed services and business continuity. As well as investing significantly in R&D activities to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of data centre infrastructure.

During this period AIMES became a specialist in Healthcare digital services, providing ‘Health Cloud’ services for both the NHS and the healthcare sector as a whole. Our aim is to improve healthcare in the UK, and working with select partners, AIMES take an ethical approach to business and focus on areas that will be genuinely transformational. AIMES deliver by providing secure, well-tailored solutions under strict governance and accreditation, to ensure the right service and support is available at all times.

Tim Bagnall, Sales & Marketing Executive
Tel: 01519 059 712
Email: tim.bagnall@aimes.net

Glenn Roberts, Business Development Director
Tel: 01519 059 726
Email: glenn.roberts@aimes.net

Twitter: @AIMESDataCentre
LinkedIn: AIMES