September 9, 2021

Sarah Newcombe

Great Ormond Street NHSFT, London Region

Sarah is a generous, engaging leader and a role model and a great advocate of the CNIO position., a real trailblazer
– GOSH achieved HIMSS level 7 under her CNIO leadership
– she has been appointed as London region CNIO for NHSE/I
– she is undertaking the Digital Academy to further her knowledge and expertise
– she is very generous in terms of mentoring and role modelling to her CNIO network and other nursing colleagues
– she leads by example through participating in webinars, sharing knowledge and learning

Other material:
Sarah was recently chosen as the London region CNIO for NSHE/I, a recognition of her profile and leadership skills alongside her GOSH role

Sarah is part of cohort 3 of the Digital Academy

Our two Trusts are embarking on a Partnership to deliver a digital health record – Sarah has invested significant time and effort in engaging with and supporting her RMH counterpart, meeting with teams, generously sharing knowledge and generally adding extra quality to the programme

Sarah participates in round tables, webinars, and conferences to ensure that her experience is shared with others.

Further reading:
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