Digital Health Awards 2019

The Digital Health Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of the leaders making the biggest contributions to UK healthcare IT.

Now in its second year, it is the only health IT awards in which all 3,000 members of Digital Health Networks are invited to vote online for the winners.

The short-lists for the Digital Health Awards 2019 have been published, with online voting now open to the 3,500 NHS CIOs, CCIOs and other digital health leaders who together form the Digital Health Networks community.

The winners were announced at the networking dinner of the annual Digital Health Summer Schools, 18-19 July, University of Leeds and as part of their prize, they will receive a free place at next year’s Summer Schools 2020.

This year’s winners

Digital Health Networks CCIO of the Year

Gareth Thomas, Group CCIO, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Health Networks CIO of the Year

Mandy Griffin, CIO and Managing Director, The Health Informatics Service, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Health Networks CNIO of the Year

Natasha Phillips, CNIO University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Future Digital Leader of the Year

Nicola Henderson, NHS Forth Valley

Outstanding Contribution

Marianne Williams, Specialist Gastroenterology Community Dietitian, Somerset Partnership NHS FT

Digital Health Networks Team of the Year

Informatics Department, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Entry Criteria
Judging Criteria
Meet the Judges
Entry Tips

Categories for 2019

  • Careworks Digital Health Networks CCIO of the Year
  • Digital Health Networks CIO of the Year
  • Digital Health Networks CNIO of the Year
  • Future Digital Leader of the Year
  • Digital Health Networks Team of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution
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Entry Criteria

Entry process

All applicants need to fill an online nomination form (entry now closed). You will need to include details of work and/or projects by your nominee, what the outcomes were and how they were delivered. Where possible, make sure to include demonstrable evidence of the nominee's contributions, innovation and leadership skills and how that has benefited their department and the wider organisation. Please use facts, figures, examples and case studies to back up your claims.

Entry criteria

Entries can be submitted by the individuals themselves or by their colleagues who can nominate them. Members of the awards judging panel or employees of Digital Health Intelligence are not eligible to nominate or be nominated. Please note that this year's Digital Health Awards will recognise the achievements of individuals/teams in UK health IT space during the past 12 months, i.e. April 2018 - March 2019.

Trophies and Certificates

  • Physical trophies will be given to each winner.
  • Runners-up will receive a framed certificate.  
  • All winners and runners-up will be provided with photographs from the awards.
Judging Criteria

Judging criteria

Digital Health Networks CCIO, CIO and CNIO of the Year - voting by the Networks
  1. Impact - Impact of individual's work making a demonstrable difference
  2. Innovation - How have their ideas/execution led to improvement in outcomes/service delivery/saving money
  3. Inspiration - To what extent has the individual inspired others in supporting and driving digital transformation and bringing upon a culture change
Future Digital Leader of the Year - voting by judging panel In addition to the core criteria (see top of page), judges will look for:
  • Exceed expectations - How has the individual exceeded what would normally be expected of them?
  • Future leader and role model - How has the individual shown a commitment to develop themselves as potential future leader in the industry? What have they achieved to distinguish themselves from their peers?
  • Digital Health Networks Team of the Year - voting by judging panel
In addition to the core criteria (see top of page), judges will look for:
  • Strategy - How did the team develop and implement its IT strategy?
  • Collaboration - How did the team manage to successfully deliver outcomes? What were the challenges and how were they overcome? How has their endeavour fostered collaborative working and strengthened staff learning?
Digital Health Networks - Outstanding Contribution to the Profession - voting by the Networks This award will recognise the individual who has gone above and beyond their role and been a great influence in shaping and developing informatics as a profession within the NHS.

Judging Process

As we said earlier, the Digital Health Awards is exclusively judged and voted for by the members of the Digital Health Networks. The first step will involve a judging panel (drawn from the advisory panels of the CCIO, Health CIO, CNIO Networks and sponsors) sifting through the entries and coming up with a shortlist in each category. The shortlisted candidates will then be put to the members of the Networks for voting, and the nominee in each category with maximum votes will be chosen as the winner, followed by two runners-up. Please note that Future Digital Leader of the Year and Team of the Year categories will be selected solely by the judging panel.
Meet the Judges

The Judges

  • Will Smart, CIO of Health and Care, NHS England (chairman of judges)
  • Jon Hoeksma, CEO, Digital Health
  • Dr James Reed, CCIO, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS FT
  • Lisa Emery, CIO, Royal Marsden NHS FT / Chair, London CIO Council
  • Ella Worsley, Rising Star 2018, Head of Information, Pennine Acute NHS Trust
  • Dr Shera Chok, Medical Director, Tower Hamlets GP Care Group CIC
  • Phillipa Winter, Bolton Hospital NHS FT, CIO and CIO of the Year 2018
  • Jackie Murphy, Chief Nurse Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS FT, CNIO of the Year 2018
  • Dr Indra Joshi, Digital Health and AI Clinical Lead, NHS England
  • Prof Jonathan Kay, Vice Chair, Faculty of Clinical Informatics
  • Dr Maureen Baker, Chair, PRSB

Awards FAQs

Who can apply? Anyone living and working in the NHS in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland can be nominated or nominate themselves as long as they are eligible. See Entry Criteria here.
What is the deadline to submit your nomination? The entry deadline for Digital Health Awards is Friday 7 June, 12pm.
How do I send my entry? We're sorry, but the nomination form is now closed.
Can I email you my entry? No. The process is all online. However, if you are not able to send us your nomination for any technical reason, please email
Is there any advice on how to win? Sure. Read our Top Entry Tips in the next tab to find out more.
When does judging taking place? Judging for the 2019 awards will take place in June.
When does voting taking place? Voting by the Networks members will take place in June.
When is the Awards ceremony? The Digital Health Awards will be announced and presented on 18 July at the networking dinner of the Digital Health Summer Schools.
Can my company sponsor one of the awards? Yes. Please email for more information.
Can I attend the Awards? Yes, but only if you have booked your place for the Summer Schools. Further details available here.
Entry Tips

Top Entry Tips and Suggestions

  1. Follow the judging criteria for that category: Make sure the entry is relevant for the award category, provide relevant information as asked and don't exceed the word limit.
  2. Back it up: Use facts, figures, data, case studies and examples to back up your assertions. This will help the judges and voters assess your claims and convince them as to why you are the best candidate for the award. Feel free to send us links and URLs of supplementary documents, web pages and videos.
  3. Clarity of thought and writing: Don't write vague, boring and jargon-laden essays. Tell us why you deserve to win using accurate, concise and informative language. The golden rule is to be clear and engaging. Also, make sure you've spelled the names and organisations correctly - typos can be confusing and misleading.
  4. Team awards: For this category, emphasize on the aspect of collaborative working: how did the team come together and deliver; their strengths and weaknesses; and what were the lessons learnt. Remember, it's not all about you!
  5. Humble bragging: And finally, don't be shy to blow your own trumpet. Tell us about your outstanding work and why you deserve to win that award. Did you go above and beyond your role; what were the challenges; how did you overcome them; did you have any doubts? We want to hear about the journey as well.


The Digital Health Awards stand unique as the only awards judged and voted by digital leaders in NHS health and care. Engaging with the largest community in UK healthcare IT, the Digital Health Awards celebrate the achievements of those making the biggest contributions to the sector. With official sponsorship of an Award Category in 2019, you will play a major role within the Awards. Your brand will be the face of your Award category in all associated content. You'll also attend the Awards ceremony at Digital Health Summer Schools 2019, meet key influencers within the sector and present the award for your category on stage.

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Each category of the Digital Health Awards offers an opportunity for sponsorship. Current available opportunities are shown below.

Sponsorship Deliverables

The Category Sponsorship package includes:
  • Exclusive sponsorship of relevant category plus branding on dedicated platforms
  • Mentions on all relevant category and award marketing and PR where appropriate
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  • Sponsor name on the Award trophy and any relevant physical category material
  • Attendance for two people at the first day of Digital Health Summer Schools 2019 and at the three course Networking Dinner
  • Opportunity to present the Award trophy to the winner
  • Photographs provided and featured in associated content

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